2021 Events

2021 Schedule

  • April 25, 2021 Quam Performance Horses, Kendal, SK *Jackpot

  • May 22-23 Lucas & Kristy Thiessen's, Humbolt, SK *Jackpot

  • June 26-27 Scrub Lake Ranch, Unity, SK *Jackpot

  • July 31-Aug 1 Chris & Marissa Epp's, Rosthern, SK *Jackpot

  • Aug 28-29 Bob & Cathy Irwin's, Oxbow, SK *Jackpot

  • Sept 11 Jared Mills, Balgonie, SK *Jackpot

  • Saskatoon, SK Sept 24-26 CANADIAN FINALS

*please click on link for more info

The Jackpot Practices will be:

- following all health and Safety regulations regarding Covid at the time of the jackpot

- limited in size

- qualifiers for Canadian finals if they meet MSC standards

- formatted and paid out at the discretion of the event director

- used to track points for Saskatchewan finals, club will drop the 60% attendance requirement for this year, only have 6 groups for point tracking (A, AA, AAA, gender split), points will correspond to overall results of jackpot ( example 10 shooters overall winner 10 points, last place 1 point), same system for wranglers (3 classes not gender split), shotgun and rifle (no prizes, open and limited, members can fund raise for prizes)

- Participants will supply their own ammo 

The Canadian Finals are still being planned to be held in Saskatoon on September 24/25/26. This will be a CMSA shoot with Phil Woods as the match director.

More information will come out prior to the jackpots. 

Naturally things may change according to how vaccinations progress. 

Hopefully we can host more CMSA shoots.